Civil Work starts in Corbetti Ethiopia

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Civil Work starts in Corbetti Ethiopia

On May 23rd 2015 civil work started in the Corbetti Geothermal Project in Ethiopia. The Corbetti geothermal site is developed by Corbetti Geothermal PLC, a local Ethiopian company, and it is estimated that the total installation will be of 500 MW electric power. The development will be in phases. In Phase 1 there will be drilled 5 geothermal wells and installed 20 MW power plant, in Phase 2 the plant capacity will be expanded to 70 MW, in Phase 3 to 270 MW and in phase 4 to 500 MW.  

Initial civil work includes construction of 2 well pads with access road and installation of water supply for drilling water. The people living in the Corbetti area will also have access to the water supply. 


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