First Steam Encountered in Tulu Moye well GA-1

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First Steam Encountered in Tulu Moye well GA-1

Reykjavík Geothermal along with Tulu Moye Geothermal Operations PLC (TMGO) is excited to announce that the first geothermal exploration well in the Tulu Moye concession, known as well GA-1, has hit steam! The steam was encountered at a depth of 650 m. While this is not a guarantee of a successful well, it certainly provides a strong indication of heat and permeability in the subsurface. A video of this exciting moment can be viewed on TMGO's LinkedIn page.

The drilling in Tulu Moye marks the start of the development of a 150 MW geothermal power plant with an anticipated total investment of USD 800 million. The first phase is projected to be complete by 2023 with a 50 MW plant, then reaching 150 MW through the second project phase with an expected completion by 2025. Ultimately, the project will generate 150 MW towards the baseload electricity needs of the Ethiopian Electricity Grid.


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